featuredIMGMy passion for fiber extends from Nuno felting, knitting and crocheting into wearable work of art. Silk scarves are decorated with Australian merino wool and art yarn. Hand knit sweaters, jackets, freeform crochet sweaters and vests are made from finest wool, silk and art yarn. Freeform is an original design, not a reproduction of another artist’s pattern and is considered the most difficult technique in crocheting and knitting.

I am a Master Artisan in Fiber Art of Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and participate in Fine Craft and Art Shows at various locations including, Hagley Museum and Library(DE), Delaware Art Museum, Delaware Contemporary Art Museum, Annapolis Artisan’s boutique shows MD and Rehoboth Art League (Since 1996).

Examples of my work can be found at:

  • Artisans on Avenue Boutique on Germantown Pike in Philadelphia
  • Pacific Leather in Philadelphia
  • Gallery One Bethany Beach, DE
  • Rehoboth Art League, DE
  • DCCA Wilmington, DE
  • Renee Bolden Boutique in Philadelphia
  • PA Guild of Craftsmen Store in Lancaster, Pa

When you are ready to order your own custom knit sweater design contact me by e-mail, or phone to discuss details and payment options.

Email: iakomii@yahoo.com

Phone: 717-575-9497






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